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Passionate about business and sustainability? Are you ready to challenge yourself and make meaningful contributions and connections to your local community?


If you are interested we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our (UNAAWA) SDG Business forum team.

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As a partner of the UNAAWA's SDG Forum you will have the opportunity to interact and network with local businesses and communities.

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We invite you to become a sponsor of the UNAAWA's SDG Forum. By supporting the forum series you can make a significant contribution in the promotion of the SDGs and be a champion of sustainability with our local businesses adn community memebers.


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Dr. Sandy Chong

Chair of UNAAWA's SDG Business Forum

and President of the UNAAWA

A Harvard Alumna, Sandy is the winner of 2017 US Stevie Awards for Women in Business; 2015 Singapore Management Consultant of the Year Award; & 2016 WA Multicultural Recognition Awards.  Sandy has over 15 years’ experience leading International Business, Communication, ICT, Governance & Strategic Alliance projects in academia, public & private sectors.  She served as Special Rapporteur at the 105th International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conference in Geneva which reports on sustainability in global supply chain. An active contributor of the SDGs, Sandy strongly believes that for any positive change to take effect, buy-in of sustainability must come from businesses, government and civic society, all stakeholders working in synergy.  Sandy’s work in the areas of global supply chain sustainability and corporate social responsibility reporting  can be found in international conferences and publications.

Chair of UNAAWA's SDG Business Forum


ABN 63 106 415 035

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