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The purpose of UNAAWA is to connect Western Australians with the United Nations in order to promote justice, peace, security and sustainable development for present and future generations. A critical element of this mission is to recognize the related achievements of members of our community and to hold them up as role models to be emulated by all Australians. Nominations for the 2020 UNAAWA Awards are now open and being led under the auspices of the various committees of the UNAAWA.

The UNAAWA Awards recognise outstanding achievements by individuals, community members and organisations in Western Australia that have made a significant contribution to furthering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through local action.

For more information on the UN Sustainable Development Goals please visit http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/.

You are invited to present nominees or self-nominate in one or more of the relevant categories below:

2021 Environmental Action Award

(Environment Committee)

Recognising excellence in raising awareness for environmental issues

Nominations Close – Tuesday 31st August 2021

Email nominations to environment@unaa-wa.org.au

2021 Gender Equality Promotion Award

(Gender Equality Committee)

Click here for the Attached award flyer

Click here for the Nominations Form

Nominations Close – Tuesday 31st August 2021

Email nominations to gender.equality@unaa-wa.org.au

2021 World Teachers' Day Awards

(Education Reference Group)

Recognising outstanding contributions to global citizenship education

These include both  Primary School teacher and a Secondary School teachers

Nominations Close – Tuesday 31st August 2021

Email nominations to gcs@unaa-wa.org.au


2021 Young Professionals Platform Award

(Young Professionals)

Recognising excellence within young professionals

Nominations Close Tuesday 31st August 2021

Email nominations to neesha.seth@unaa.org.au

2021 Human Rights Award

(Human Rights Committee)

Recognising excellence in promoting Human Rights

Nominations Close – Tuesday 31st August 2021

Email nominations to human.rights@unaa-wa.org.au

Chair of UN Day Organising Committee

Teresa Lee Garbo

Teresa is a professional in human capital management for over 25 years with a particular focus in maximising organisational capability and creating a future ready workforce. Teresa’s career in hospitality and travel businesses spans three continents. She completed her hospitality management education in Switzerland, furthered her studies with Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Australia and Henley Business School in England. 


Teresa has been advocating woman in leadership in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industry for over 10 years, empowering women through employability and entrepreneurship. Believing in service excellence and harnessing people power, Teresa is enthused by her appointment as UNAAWA Executive Committee Member, and Chair of UN Day Planning Committee in 2019 and 2020. She is committed to find ways in working with the WA communities, in making small steps, a project at a time, and moving toward fulfilling the global agenda – in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.