The purpose of UNAAWA is to connect Western Australians with the United Nations in order to promote justice, peace, security and sustainable development for present and future generations.


A critical element of this mission is to recognize the related achievements of members of our community and to hold them up as role models to be emulated by all Australians. Nominations for the 2020 UNAAWA Awards are now open and being led under the auspices of the various committees of the UNAAWA.

The UNAAWA Awards recognise outstanding achievements by individuals, community members and organisations in Western Australia that have made a significant contribution to furthering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through local action.

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You are invited to present nominees or self-nominate in one or more of the relevant categories below:

2022 Environmental Action Award

(Environment Committee)

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Nominations Close – Friday 8th July 2022

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2022 Gender Equality Promotion Award

(Gender Equality Committee)

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Nominations Close – Friday 8th July 2022

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2022 Human Rights Award


(Human Rights Committee)

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Nominations Close – Friday 8th July 2022

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Chair of UN Day Organising Committee

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Dr S Zaung Nau

Dr S Zaung Nau is currently a Lecturer in the School of Management, Curtin University and a fellow of Higher Education Academy. Her research interests are sustainable transportation in Perth, Western Australia and also the geospatial analysis on socio-economic, public health and sustainability developments. She has been an international guest speaker on these topics.

She is passionate about "Education for Equality and Equity" which is part of the Sustainable Development Goals. She has been advocating for equitable education in Myanmar, liaising and advising the community based educational projects in Myanmar. She is currently running the Homework Help program to provide education support for children from the Myanmar community in Western Australia.

She has been also advocating for the settlement needs of humanitarian migrants, liaising the job readiness training for migrant women and also assisting them to set up small businesses in WA. 

With her passion to preserve culture and heritage, she has been organising and fundraising (including grant applications) for the Myanmar cultural events in Australia. As a Cultural Ambassador by the City of Canning, she has been contributing to the multicultural community work  to enrich the connection of diversity in a multicultural community and to enhance the sense of belonging.