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Web3 for Sustainability

Updated: Jul 31

The UNAAWA is glad to support the recent Web3 Conference at the UWA. The event featured international speakers from various backgrounds highlighting ideas and opportunities that would help achieve the UN SDG Goals in an open, transparent, decentralized, and scalable way. Co-organised by our very own UNAAWA SDG Forum Chair, Dr. Sandy Chong, the panel sessions revealed that in order for Web3 to fulfill its promises, an intentional goal of inclusivity must be considered to represent all sectors, peoples and communities. A First Nations speaker noted that inequities in Web3 will impact less advantaged communities if the progress does not translate into equal access and education for all due to biasness built into the system from inception.

Various examples were also shared on bridging knowledge gaps, crowdfunding to support environmental and social causes, and improving financial empowerment for those in developing countries. To ensure that no one gets left behind, the UNDP and its partners are currently playing an important role to build capabilities and skills, and support innovation ecosystems worldwide.

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