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Future Leaders Development - Sports for Children & Achieving SDGs

The SDG Forum on 3 August marked the third anniversary of our partnership with West Coast Eagles in the promotion of the SDG goals in our community. The forum explored the role sports can play in achieving positive development of children and achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Good Healthy & Wellbeing, Zero Poverty, Quality Education, and Sustainable Communities. Attendees had fun with the live quizzes and were engaged in interacting with amazing panellists.

Speakers include Peter Whittaker, the CFO of the West Coast Eagles, Michael Roberts, CEO of West Australian Football Commission, Tore Nelson, a Naitanui Academy player, Jackson Nelson, Captain of the WAFL Eagles, and Dr Victoria Absalom-Hornby, Partnership Lead of the Valuing Children Initiatives and a UNAAWA community partner. I had the pleasure of chairing the panel session where our speakers shared insights on how sports can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and transform social and educational objectives. Sponsored by BHP, the forum was well-attended by the Mayor of Victoria Park, series sponsor, athletes of Special Olympics, high school students, educators, UNAAWA members and community partners.

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