Fairy Tales for a Fairer World
  • Fairy Tales for a Fairer World

    Fairy Tales for a Fairer World brings traditional tales into one story under a new light. The stories are linked to different Sustainable Development Goals. The contents of the book aims to collects and highlights elements that are part of our world today and delves into the global challenges we face and bring these issues to the forefront, to invite people acorss generations to discuss and converse. We invite readers to connect with the different characters and empathise with others' experiences.


    As stories shapes our way of thinking and impact our actions in ourlife, fairy tales have been passed along for centuries and have become apart of our cultural heritiage. Many traditional tales have morals and plots behind them that have impacted and embedded into our lifes as we were read them as children, the morals and lessoned learned are often attached to our subconcious as adults.


    This fairy tale book is an integrated approace to increase greater awareness that we all sharin this plante and if we manage it carefully, and sustainably, we and the geenrations to come have a bright future ahead. 


    This book has been published under the Perception Change Project of the United Nations Office at Geneva.