Changemakers for Women Economic Empowerment

Updated: May 11

The United Nations Association of Australia WA Division (UNAAWA) in partnership with the Inspiring Rare Birds and Curtin Graduate School of Business held panel dialogue titled Changemakers for Women’s Economic Empowerment on 4 June at Curtin Graduate School of Business.

The dialogue which highlighted the importance of women’s economic empowerment started with the introductory keynote by Dr Sandy Chong, Vice President-elect, UNAAWA.  During her keynote speech Dr Sandy Chong highlighted her recent attendance at the Commission on the Status of Women – United Nations.  She mentioned four key discussion points during the forum: Australia’s in-depth investigation into sexual harassment, modern slavery (Lichtenstein initiative), gender pay gap (WA the largest in Australia) and ensuring there are social protective public services and infrastructures.

The panellists included: Jo Burston, founder and CEO of entrepreneurial movement Inspiring Rare Birds; Winnie Lai Hadad,Non-Executive Director, Source Certain International Vice President, Hong Kong Australia Business Association; and Manuel Sessink, Vice President of Drilling at INPEX.

According to Jo Burston, the diversity of the panel made it possible to broaden the perspective the audience heard, irrespective of their different background. She further added that the more such conversation happens, the more people listen to such conversations, enabling each individual to be that person of change to do something.

The event which was attended by more than 70 people ended on a causal note with networking over drinks and nibbles.

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