The Gender Equality Committee was established in early 2015 to provide a forum for discussion and organise events concerning women’s rights, gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls both around Australia and internationally. The committee saw a very successful launch event followed by strong community engagement. The committee would like to thank everyone for your support. It is only through your continued engagement with these important social issues that we can make a difference in the lives of women and girls worldwide, and at home. 


Meet the Committee



Hannah Brown

Hannah is a registered psychologist trained in organisational development, with experience across public, private and not-for-profit organisations. In her current role, Hannah works on strategic initiatives and projects aimed at enhancing individual, team and organisational effectiveness. Hannah holds a master’s degree in industrial and organisational psychology with High Distinction, and has written theses on female leadership development, as well as fairness and motivation in the workplace. Hannah’s passion for social justice, female empowerment and equality led to her involvement with the UNAAWA and subsequent role as Chair of the Gender Equality Committee. In addition to her role with the Gender Equality Committee, Hannah promotes gender equality through the facilitation of a community networking group dedicated to enhancing opportunities for women in Metropolitan WA.

Meet the Committee


Communications Officer

Tahlia Hudson-Campbell

Tahlia  is a recent Bachelor of Arts graduate at Curtin University, a passionate writer and a lifelong activist for justice and equality. Tahlia is enthusiastic about gender discourse in particular and wants to build a world in which equality is at the forefront of every conversation. With her degree in Creative Writing and Screen Studies, be it through fiction or through education and advocacy, Tahlia hopes to bring gender justice to the main stage and help to create a better, brighter and stronger future for us all.

Meet the Committee


Event Officer

Sephy Pariente

Sephy works as a Corporate Psychologist, particularly passionate about mental health and educating others around potential psychosocial risk evident in society that can impact a person's experiences. Sephy holds a Master's degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology with High Distinction, and has written theses on stereotype threat as well as intrinsic motivations. In her current role, Sephy works on the individual, team, and greater organisational level to improve organisational effectiveness and overall employee satisfaction.

Her strong interest in advocating for female empowerment and gender equality stems from a previous career, which comprised many barriers due to both her young age and gender. This passion led her to her being a par of the UNAAWA in a volunteer member capacity, and now to her sitting on the Gender Equality Committee as Event Manager.

Meet the Committee


Project Officer

Aritri Dhar

Aritri is a systems professional with 8+ years' experience in information systems management, project automation, and full lifecycle implementations for reporting, asset management, and engineering solutions in the Oil & Gas sector. Aritri currently works as a Project and Change lead for one of the leading facility management companies in Australia. 


Aritri is passionate about making a difference by increasing awareness of gender equality and its impact on sustainable development. In her spare time, Aritri enjoys travelling, learning languages, reading crime fiction and dancing salsa.