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Encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment

The Environment Committee aims to inform, inspire, and engage the Western Australian community to drive progress towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to the environment.

To achieve this objective, the Environment Committee strategically designs, develops, and delivers a diverse range of events and initiatives each year targeting public, private, academic, and civil societies.

These events and initiatives are developed around a core strategic theme, which considers the current and potential future environmental, social, and political landscape in Western Australia to ensure the activities of the Environment Committee remain relevant, relatable, and impactful.




Jennifer Dickson

Jennifer (she/her) is a sustainability professional with over a decade of experience in Environmental Management, Sustainability and Social Value within the resource sector in Australia and Globally.  Originally from Newcastle UK, Jen holds a Batchelor of Zoology from the University of Aberdeen and moved to Perth eleven years ago to further a career in industry.


Jen is a passionate advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  In her work and volunteering, she is focussed on collaboration and thought leadership to drive economic, environmental, and social development goals.  She is excited to bring her passion and experience to the Environment Committee, and further discussion of environmental issues relevant to her adopted home of Western Australia.


Outside work, Jen’s desire to contribute positively to a holistic approach to circular economy, human rights and climate change influenced her decision to become an amateur dressmaker, creating sustainable pieces at home.

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Deputy Convenor

Josh MacKenzie

A passionate sustainability advocate and authentic leader with six years of experience, Josh has previously worked in resource recovery within the retail industry. Currently, he is involved in circular economy consultation, working to implement circular economy principles across a broad range of projects including renewable energy, mining, and government. Josh works to empower individuals and groups to deliver lasting solutions to waste problems and build a circular economy.

He enjoys supporting people from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and believes that collaboration, combined with expert knowledge and creativity, is crucial to overcoming the wicked problems of climate change.

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Partnerships Coordinator

Dr Silvia Lozeva

Dr Silvia Lozeva was born in Bulgaria, and has lived in NZ, UK, Russia, Eastern Europe, UAE and Australia. She has pursued a passion and a career as an academic in the field of sustainable development, anthropology, political science and international development.

She has worked as a researcher and a professional for many years in numerous projects in advancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reconciliation, equity and diversity initiatives and in prevention of social isolation and loneliness.

One of her many interests is also adopting the lessons and benefits of the oldest strategic board game of Go to education, business and community. She is a Research Director for the International Go Study Association and a founder of Institute 361: Gamifying Strategic Thinking.

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Jennifer Lord

Jennifer is a lawyer with over 25 years of private and public sector experience, most recently in engineering and mining. She brings her corporate, commercial and regulatory experience to the Environment Committee, together with her passion for the environment. She is keenly interested in the evolution of human rights law and practice, recognising the opportunities available in the effective and practical implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
Jennifer is optimistic about the pace and scale of innovation, initiatives in circular economies and decarbonisation and the potential to unlock solutions to environmental challenges through sharing understanding and working together. She is a firm supporter of the UNAAWA’s goals of informing, inspiring and engaging to create a safer, fairer and more sustainable world and is keen to create opportunities for engagement between stakeholders to assist optimal environmental and social impacts, now and for the future.

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Communications Lead

Elodie Castagna

Elodie is a communication professional with over 12 years’ experience within Australia and Europe. She develops communication strategies, encompassing ESG strategies, for a wide range of companies, making sure their vision and objectives are understood and effectively reach the wider community.

With a passion for sustainability and the environment, Elodie is excited about the opportunity to raise awareness of the United Nations SDGs in Western Australia, and contribute to promoting collaboration through events and networking opportunities in the State.

Elodie is Italian and French, with a Bachelor of Public Relations from the London College of Communication.


Climate Lead

Estelle Roux

Estelle is an environmental expert with a solid expertise in environment, climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy.
Estelle is an environmental scientist by training and moved to Australia from France 10 years ago. She has been working in academia on diverse environmental topics such as energy poverty, climate change, biodiversity conservation and sustainable water management.
To ensure her work was supporting decision makers, Estelle made the decision to become an environmental policy advisor. Since then, Estelle has worked with local governments and with New South Wales and Queensland governments.  For the past few years Estelle has been working as an environmental and climate policy advisor to the Western Australian Government.


Oceans Lead

Dr Oliver J.D. Jewell

Oliver is a marine ecologist and oceanographer, focusing his research on the movements of large marine animals. He completed his PhD at Murdoch University in late 2021, and now works at the University of Western Australia (UWA). Oliver first learned to track wildlife in South Africa, where he has tagged over 100 great white sharks, among other species. Since moving to Western Australia he has worked on several projects with sea turtles (flatback, loggerhead and green), sawfish, bull, lemon and tiger sharks, and dugong during his time with UWA, Murdoch University, and Fisheries DPIRD. While he continues to collaborate with research groups in South Africa and California working on great whites. He now works in the Sequeira Lab tracking the movements of megafauna in Shark Bay (Gathaagudu).

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